Rapport Smith provides “real person” outreach to businesses that offer consultations, “discovery sessions” or introductory chats within their sales cycle.

If you’re investing in any form of lead generation, but not seeing effective “lead-to-customer” conversion rates this service would be a game changer!

“There’s an Art to Effective Follow-up”

You need scripts that engage people and encourage responses

You need to build rapport by chatting back and forth (aka kibitzing) so your interactions don’t seem canned or templated.

You need numerous follow-ups (6 to 10 at least)

You need to use a mix of text messages, emails, voicemail drop, even Facebook Messenger.

Trouble is…

Many companies lack the time for follow-up, or don’t have staff with the necessary experience, or don’t have the automated tools to handle the kibitzing properly.

As a result, a vast number of leads turn cold, or don't receive enough touch points or rapport-building effort to feel comfortable taking the next step.

Sound familiar?

If you’re not converting the most leads possible into customers, you’re leaving money on the table.

What’s the Missing Link?

  • We are experts at rapport building, building trust, and emotional empathy. We take the time to nurture leads until they’re comfortable moving forward. 
  • We invest the time to understand your products/services, so we can respond appropriately when new questions or objections crop up. 
  • We use a variety of outreach methods (SMS texts, emails, voicemail drops, Facebook Messenger chats, as well as direct phone calls to secure booked calendar appointments for our clients. 
  • We LOVE follow-up! Your leads hear from a friendly, professional, “real live” person. 
  • Our scripts are natural. We NEVER come across as stodgy or canned.
  • We set you up with a robust CRM system, so there’s full transparency. You can see the status of EVERY lead at any time. 
  • We use intuitive software to chat with leads – in real time – using their preferred method of communication. 
  • We are data driven, and make changes based on conversion results.

Let Us Show You How It Works...

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